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Our flagship, all-in-one computer, ādi, provides a platform that connects all the players striving to deliver quality education to every child through technology. Our product was named ādi (‘firstborn’) because for millions of children across the country, ādi will be their first experience of learning through technology. And, of course, because ādi is our first product, though we aren’t stopping in our quest. There are many adventures and challenges ahead as we make the power of self-discovery, knowledge and quality education accessible so that now every child can dream.

ādi is available in a flexible, subscription-based model. There’s no expensive equipment to buy, no sophisticated software to install, no complicated upgrades to supervise. For a low monthly price, we take care of everything technological while learners transform into digital natives and discover themselves. ādi can also be purchased. ādi is already a part of a growing number of households, where children —and their parents and grandparents! — are discovering the unexplored universe of high-quality educational content. Their enthusiasm gives us energy, their feedback makes us better, and we don’t want to stop until every underprivileged child has a smile just like theirs.

ādi is designed to fit into the smallest household and made it flexible so users can pick the configuration that works best.

Adi is

  • Is plug-and-play, compact and runs on open source software
  • Is built to handle rough usage with ease
  • Comes with lifelong maintenance and management, including upgrades, updates and remote/onsite assistance
  • Offers usage support to help users become accustomed to and get the best out of their technology
  • Delivers a vast audience of subscribers with premium content at an affordable price


All-in-one fully equipped computer system

Occupies as much space as a laptop


Attach ādi to a standard desktop monitor

Dedicated computer for extended use

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